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Our Story: Deep Roots at the River’s Edge

Oaks on the River Luxury Boutique Resort started as an idea by founder Art Lucas to use a portion of historic Darien’s riverfront bluff for a rebirth of economic potential.

“You can't recreate this unique and special place, with its beautiful oaks trees, gorgeous high-banked bluff and coastal waterways. I love Darien and McIntosh County.” - Art Lucas, founder

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Oaks on the River is a two-phase project. Phase I began in late 2017 with approval from local officials to build a three-story, Mediterranean-inspired residential condominium complex of 12 units offering spectacular views of the Darien River and the old rice plantation across the river. Groundbreaking took place in January 2019 with occupancy following in March 2020.


A NewVision

Planning for Phase II, the luxury, 53-room boutique hotel, began concurrent with Phase I, with groundbreaking in late 2020. The first guests to Oaks on the River Luxury Boutique Resort arrive in spring 2022.

Commitment to Sustainability

Oaks on the River Luxury Boutique Resort strives for environmental best practice. We take seriously our commitment to protecting our environment by reducing our carbon footprint. We also have a mindful recycling program, and source products that are sustainable and recyclable.